Monday, February 20, 2012

Katy Perry mengagumi payudara Rihanna

Terlihat dalam sebuah perhelatan bahwa Katy Perry memperhatikan dengan seksama payudara Rihanna. Entah ada apa dengan payudaranya Rihanna, ataukah payudara Katy Perry tak seindah payudara Rihanna. Entah, tidak tahu, belum pernah lihat sendiri sih :D

A week after signing divorce papers to finalise split from Russell Brand, Katy and Rihanna appeared to be very touchy-feely when photographed together in the audience.

Rihanna placed her arm seductively across Katy's leg while they waited for the Los Angeles ceremony to start.

Moments later, Katy seemed to be admiring Rihanna's killer curves in her low-cut frock.

In recent months Katy, 27, has leant on her pop star pal, 23, while dealing with the break-up of her 14-month marriage.
Katy Perry dan keberadaan payudara Rihanna
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