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Perubahan SEO Google Maret 2012

Perubahan SEO Google Maret 2012

Perubahan Kualitas Pencarian Google Bulan Maret 2012

Google setiap harinya melakukan perbaikan dalam algoritma pencariannya. Berikut dari DejanSEO yang memberikan daftar perubahan dalam perbaikan kualitas hasil pencarian Google. Untuk blogger, webmaster dan para pendekar SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sangat penting untuk mendapatkan ranking hasil pencarian yang akan mendukung usahanya. SEO Google semakin sosial.

Daftar Perubahan SEO Google Maret 2012:

  1. Symbols: Inclusion in autocomplete.
  2. Symbols: Improved indexing.
  3. News Results: Scoring system for news groups improved.
  4. Sitelinks: Fresher and faster updates.
  5. Autocomplete: Now takes up less resources to run (internal improvement).
  6. Security: Change your password and you will now be logged out of all machines.
  7. Index: Improvements in profile indexing and its comprehensiveness.
  8. Universal Search: Design tweaks and improved user experience.
  9. Search Query: More intelligent navigational search queries.
  10. Panda: High quality site definitions re-processed and released live.
  11. Sports: Scoring and schedules now in live updating snippets (UEFA & KHL)
  12. Sports: Live scoring triggered by player or event name (Tennis)
  13. Image Search: Page quality gains points in favour of image quality to improve relevance.
  14. Image Search: All languages now included in fresher image predictions update.
  15. Safe Search: No more embarrassing moments with smarter safe search.
  16. Anchor Text: One classifier related to anchor text was turned off in order to improve quality of results.
  17. Universal Search (Images): Simplified codebase and leverage of a global ranking system.
  18. Mobile: Application ranking and UI improvements through richer results.
  19. Universal Search (Video): Improved detection of stale videos and improved freshness.
  20. Synonyms: Expect less strange synonyms in our searches.
  21. Local: New way of handing mixed queries containing local and navigational intent.
  22. Search: Freshness algorithm which used to handle only news is now active for all results.
  23. Page Analysis: Additional improvements in perception of website quality.
  24. Anchor Text: Better interpretation of anchor text data in relation to query or website theme.
  25. Local & News: One local signal turned off. Similar one replacing it improving the relevance of local news.
  26. News: One news signal related to quality turned off.
  27. Synonyms: Improved sibling synonym handling to remove strange instances not relevant to search intent.
  28. Synonyms: More accurate synonym handling and improved performance.
  29. Search Query: Staying on track of user search intent through tuned retrieval system by eliminating elements of search query not needed for the retrieval of relevant documents.
  30. Synonyms: Less ‘aggressive’ and suggestive providing better variety of suggestions.
  31. Local: Improved handling of geographic data.
  32. Name Detection: Improved detection of names, especially celebrities.
  33. Personalised Search: Changed and updated quality signals.
  34. Page Analysis: More accurate detection of old pages.
  35. Language: Improved detection of languages in auto-complete.
  36. Discussion Search: Smarter forum and blog post date detection.
  37. Auto-complete: Rewriting of search query prefixes.
  38. Mobile: More elaborate sitelinks.
  39. Answers: Higher accuracy of short answers.
  40. Video: Back-end clean-up for advanced video search.
  41. +1: Support for more countries and domains.
  42. Local: Better rendering on tablet devices.

Perubahan SEO Google Maret 2012

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Perubahan SEO Google Maret 2012
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