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Makro Fotografi karya Sharon Johnstone

Fotografer Sharon Johnstone dari Inggris sedang tergila-gila dengan fotografi makro. Dia sangat suka memotret rumput, dan tetesan air serta dengan efek warna dan jel di belakangnya. Sharon Johnstone bahkan sekarang sangat jarang di studio foto seninya karena sering keluar untuk mencari objek foto makro.

Sharon Johnstone memiliki kamera andalan, kamera andalannya adalah Canon 7D, dengan lensa makro CAnon EFS 60mm f2.8 dan lebih dari tiga tabung ekstensi CAnon EF25 II, juga lampu kilat flash Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX untuk mengambil gambar makro.

Dia mengatakan :
The macro flash really helps with lighting,',

'I have a drawer full of things I have collected for backgrounds. Colourful feathers, wrapping paper, coloured lighting gels, sweet wrappers. Another effect I sue is spraying flowers or using a small syringe to place single droplets - this can be fiddly, especially for my needle and pin shots.'

'For something like the pin and needle shots, just placing the droplets can be a challenge and then getting everything focused and the background blurred can be tricky and might require quite a few attempts. With the nature stuff, it’s more about finding that compostion that ticks all the boxes. I might find the perfect dew drop on a blade of grass and get the shot straight away.

'With macro photography I escape to another little world. I love exploring the tiny details in nature that often get over looked. I love finding beautiful colours and abstract compositions within nature and can even get passionate about photographing moss or a blade of grass.

Source: Morning glories: British photographer captures spectacular images of orbs of dew sparkling on the wispy heads of dandelions

Makro Fotografi karya Sharon Johnstone
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